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ME Shadow of Mordor Update 6 Incl Bright Lord DLC-FTS


Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Update 6 Incl Bright Lord DLC-FTS


Fight through Mordor and uncover the truth of the spirit that compels you…


★ You need to have update 5 installed !

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor Build v1951.6 changelog:

New Features:

  • Bright Lord DLC support added. (Note: Bright Lord DLC requires slightly higher system specs than Main Game Campaign. If you’re noticing a loss in performance, please lower system settings.)

Continued PC Improvements:

  • Fixed rare crash encountered when going into Skills Menu.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if blood failed to render.
  • Fixed issue where game would crash after a video card driver crash.
  • Fixed crash related to physics.


  • Improved rendering on domination FX to improve framerate.
  • Save/Load:
  • Fixed issue where users save progress could be lost after watching benchmark to completion.


  • Added ability to skip Splash Screens after first launch.

Genres: Action
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer: Monolith Productions

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Update 6 Incl Bright Lord DLC-FTS
Size: 5.13 GB










  • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (3+ GHZ) / AMD Athlon 3000+
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c Shader 3.0 supported, Nvidia 6800 or 7300 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 4.7 GB free space
  • Sound Card: DX9-compatible
  • Input: Keyboard, Mouse, Xbox 360 Controller supported

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor Update 6 Incl Bright Lord DLC-FTS
1. Mount image, install the Update & DLC
2. Copy Crack
3. Play
Posted by Skidrow


  1. skidrow (19 Feb 2015, 3:40)

    well thanks alot but where i can download update 5 🙂 ?

  2. paddddd (19 Feb 2015, 5:25)

    Thank you!

  3. Bàdrou Dàvid (19 Feb 2015, 8:44)

    Crack V3 Fifa 15 Plssssssssss !

  4. peter (19 Feb 2015, 10:27)

    yea i only need the update as well

  5. babangus (19 Feb 2015, 11:11)

    Thanks. Honestly I didn’t know there were updates for Shadow of Mordor since the first time I download the game, until now. So if you guys know where I could find previous updates that would be great. Again, thanks.

  6. lostboy13 (19 Feb 2015, 12:41)

    Hi I after i updated to 6 it’s showing black screen after the shadow of mordor logo intro. Is it because i didn’t have update 5 installed ? If someone has update 5 URL plz comment

    Thank You

  7. Sauron (19 Feb 2015, 19:30)
  8. decency_breakin3 (19 Feb 2015, 20:06)

    Work with CODEX cracked versions?

  9. Paularo (20 Feb 2015, 7:22)

    Thanks for the uptobox links…

  10. Keja (20 Feb 2015, 16:04)

    finally! thanks a lot!

  11. ram (20 Feb 2015, 17:23)

    This update works perfectly if installed on update 5. Thank you uploader. To get update 5, Google for update 1808.19 by codex. It will be 3.2gb and no previous update is required to install it.

  12. WITHM (20 Feb 2015, 18:46)


    I have the same problem as well. If you find a solution please share wtih us

  13. Coki91 (20 Feb 2015, 21:38)


  14. Rahul (20 Feb 2015, 22:17)

    direct link for update 5 will be very helpfull for us
    plzz share!!!

  15. babangus (20 Feb 2015, 23:53)


    does codex version also works on skidrow ?

  16. man100 (21 Feb 2015, 6:16)

    do I need to install any other update befor update 5?

  17. man100 (21 Feb 2015, 18:07)

    I have a dream that someday someone will answer my question

  18. Nichael (22 Feb 2015, 6:54)

    Yes man100 it’s working, u need to install update 5 then update 6 and voila, Your dream come true 🙂

  19. mgamalali86 (22 Feb 2015, 13:13)

    can any one confirm that dlc is working without any problems ? and if it is working ,how ?

  20. Soviet (26 Feb 2015, 11:01)

    It asks for a steam akkount. I have been suspended and cannot start the game incl. Update 6. Can someone give me some advice please? Thanks

  21. Joseph (27 Feb 2015, 13:10)

    I’m not sure how to install this. I’ve got 9 compressed files, normally I can just right click mount and install but this isn’t allowing me. I also tried extracting one of the files to see if i could mount this, no such luck.
    How should I go about installing this update and DLC

  22. Nazgul (27 Feb 2015, 19:01)


  23. Nazgul (27 Feb 2015, 19:14)


  24. Edward (27 Feb 2015, 21:16)

    I managed to get this update working on Codex.
    In the 3DMgame.ini in Crack folder, open the file and change
    ### ÓÎÏ·exeËùÔÚĿ¼\3DMGAME\%UserName%\


    ### ÓÎÏ·exeËùÔÚĿ¼\CODEX\%UserName%\
    ### µ±LocalStorage=trueʱ£¬Èç¹ûÉèÖô˱äÁ¿£¬ÄÇô´æ´¢Â·¾¶»á±äΪÓÎÏ·exeËùÔÚĿ¼\%LocalPath%\3DMGAME\%UserName%\


    ### µ±LocalStorage=trueʱ£¬Èç¹ûÉèÖô˱äÁ¿£¬ÄÇô´æ´¢Â·¾¶»á±äΪÓÎÏ·exeËùÔÚĿ¼\%LocalPath%\CODEX\%UserName%\

    Simplyfing, change where demands a folder called ”3DMGAME” to ”CODEX”

  25. qualopec2015 (27 Feb 2015, 21:27)

    Why is the difference in size between the links (5Gb) and torrent (8Gb)???

  26. Arash (27 Feb 2015, 22:46)

    Does this update include the “Lithariel” skin that was included in “Test of Defiance”? If not, were can I find it?

  27. mak (02 Mar 2015, 6:49)

    hey i installed the update 5 and it worked perfectly with the lord of the hunt bt when i install update 6 the bright lord doesnt shows in my menu,althoug i got the bright lord skin..???

  28. ShadonicX7543 (02 Mar 2015, 20:33)

    As some other people are having the same problem – allow me to restate it.

    I’ve installed update 5 (from this site) and then I updated to update 6 from this page. Now, the problem is that I have the Bright Lord skin available, but the Bright Lord campaign does not show up at all in my menu. I’ve installed these updates over what I believe was the CODEX version of the game, if that makes any difference. And maybe (although I’m not sure) the ALI213 stuff was in there.

    Can anyone help me and others who have the save problem out?

  29. mak (03 Mar 2015, 5:17)

    yah man exactly same problem here..the update 5 was (codex version) and it worked the update 6 (3dm version) doesnt show the dlc… i even tried diff. saves bt nothing helped

  30. Fabio (03 Mar 2015, 17:11)

    Hi all, got the same problem of the above people, installed update five from this site, cracked it, then installed update 6 from this site, cracked it but when I start the game it shows me only the bright lord skin and not the option to start the ”bright lord campaign” what should I do?

  31. Archer101 (03 Mar 2015, 19:39)

    when i installed Update 6 it keeps resetting my progress in the game each time i start up the game :D!

    any idea what to do to fix that ?

  32. Zeno (03 Mar 2015, 21:01)

    Same here. Took a day to leech the proper update5, but now after installing the update6 over it, no Bright Lord campaign available. Only the Bright Lord skin. 🙁

  33. Raat (04 Mar 2015, 10:04)

    How can we start Bright Lord campaign ?

  34. doctoridiot (04 Mar 2015, 14:34)

    Anyone found a solution yet on how to get the Bright Lord campaign to show up? I used BlackBox version as base game, update 5 from CODEX and this update 6 from 3DM. Should i try with some other releases?

  35. Raheel (05 Mar 2015, 6:47)

    This update only adds support for the bright lord DLC. The dlc itself is included in updated 6.1. You can download the 3DM version of 6.1 from torrenthound.

  36. Raat (07 Mar 2015, 0:45)

    I installed this update and downloaded 6.1 update ( not all just ShadowOfMordor.exe and crack ) than i started Bright Lord campaign.

  37. MajoritySnake22 (18 Mar 2015, 1:18)

    Just wondering did anyone get missing textures for how many people you have branded and all the numbers are 99 when you installed update 6?

  38. ano (18 Mar 2015, 16:23)

    this game required update 5 and 4, and when you instal update 6 before it finished , cmd showing up and you would choose Y/N … chose N …. and then you can play bright lord

  39. Darius99 (19 Mar 2015, 20:00)

    is this a Direct X 9-10 compatible game

  40. chick3ndude (21 Mar 2015, 9:47)

    Okay guys, I figured out how to get BOTH

  41. David (21 Mar 2015, 15:33)


    I was playing this last night no problem, today i get an error saying “Failed to initialize clients – Unable to load game resources”

    Can anyone help me? My fist time using torrents to test a game.

  42. Gabarit (27 Mar 2015, 14:41)

    Will it work with this “Middle.Earth.Shadow.of.Mordor.Premium.Edition.With.Update.6.Incl.21.DLC-TPTB” ??? It is 49GB and it does not have bright lord.
    If anyone maybe knows how to get the dlc only for this version, please share.

    Thanks a lot!

  43. Mikx (29 Mar 2015, 22:20)

    Have both of thoose Donwloaded & correctly installed… but still something is here fishy – if skidrow says there is “Bright lord” included it has to be like that i believe to him more then my girl.

    Did anyone of u guys consider about that we all got the same problem, perhaps we have the game and all other dlcs but we just dont know how to “activate it”?

    Could it be like this: the layer isnt simple installed, or he is not accesable inside the game?
    Anyone figured out some solutions?

    MY current setup: Raw game (CODEX- torrent) after that i downloaded and installed:
    “Shadow of Mordor Update 1808.19” – iso file (no torrent – seems CODEX again)
    After that this Update (torrent once more 3DM game.

    Is it that im doing something wrong or all of us? – Even Reinstalling did not brought any results to bright lord.

  44. MikX (30 Mar 2015, 15:35)

    Ok guys, ive finally figured it out!
    So here is the deal (its kinda complicated but u wont need the whole day like me)

    1. Torrent from Skidrow – WORKS perfectly (no doubt i played it already once trought)
    2. CODEX Update 5 – Works aswell (the Link what Skidrow gave u already download it 3,5 GB!)
    So keep thoose files if u still have them or re-download it!

    And now it seems like that the last update makes some weird stuff (Once more From 3DM – such problems i met on another torrent. It was Dragon Age Inquisition as far i can remember)
    Im not sure if Windows 7 or Windows 8 Itself or even the files may cause this problem but i saw some difference on my win 7 while applying the last update 6 from 3DM compared to another update 6.

    Perhaps even some Windows service packs are related to this problem cos similar things i met on World of warcraft – after a update for windows XP sp3 the game sound was gone?!

    How to install:

    Instead of creating a big Readme or “how to” on this forum ive decieded to write a notepad found here: (i hope that skidrow wont have anything against this link)

    And i hope to help all of u who got the same problem as me
    Good luck and Best regards to skidrow

  45. khan (30 Mar 2015, 20:15)

    hi, i seem to be experiencing some problems. could someone give a nice step by step instruction manual on how to install this and patch it and all. im a bit of a noob and i havent downloaded a game in ages so im a but rusty. id grealy appreciate it 🙂

  46. MikX (01 Apr 2015, 14:30)


    if u download the DLSOM.Rar file i had uploaded, u can see the instructions how to do everything and install the game fully including all DLC.

    Just do it step by step as i wrote down and u cant miss it (really i wasted my whole day and experimented with different torrents to get this thing running) 1 hour ago ive killed sauron in the dlc.
    Its simple an amazing fight really really amazing

  47. Max (02 Apr 2015, 14:39)

    Will this work with Premium Edition Update 6 RG Freedom?? Anyone?

  48. ulrick (14 Apr 2015, 15:15)

    this works on Premium Edition Update 5 RG Freedom based on codex. install update 6 (5.13gb). copy everything in the crack folder to “x64” folder (overvrite). in ali213.ini change language as needed. give admin rights to shadowofmordor.exe (needed for save file). your anrivirus could block crack file so stop it before playing. done.

  49. Komplex (19 Apr 2015, 5:45)

    Super easy fix for the Bright Lord campaign not showing up:
    1) Download “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Update 6.1 + Crack By 3DM” from torrenthound
    2) Only DL The Crack folder, and the ShadowOfMordor.exe (you already have the other content)
    3) Copy the 6.1 “ShadowOfMordor.exe” into your games x64 folder
    4) Copy the contents of the 6.1 crack x64 folder into your games x64 folder

    DONE! Play the new DLC

    Ignore all the run around BS MikX posted above. NONE of that is needed.

  50. ilhan (22 Apr 2015, 15:24)

    its supported directx 10? system req. writed dirctx 9.oc can i play this game 9800 gt 256 bit ?

  51. Gabriel (25 Apr 2015, 3:21)

    the Mega Links is deleted 🙁

  52. Chribba (26 Apr 2015, 13:42)

    ilhan, this is not dx10 compatible… only dx11! dont waste time trying all the patches to make it work, best youll get is 1fps

  53. mayer (29 Apr 2015, 19:01)

    Hey guys, i have the problem of the black screen after the intro. The sound still runs, but the screen is completely black. I searched EVERYWHERE for a solution, but didnt found. PLEASE. Can anybody help me?
    Thanks a lot. 🙂

  54. WaterGroundtype (12 May 2015, 9:54)

    Pls reupload all links are dead the torrent leads to the 3dm version instead of the codex one

  55. Rickwadup (19 May 2015, 23:58)

    can i play it in 32 bit?

  56. Derpiderp (20 May 2015, 15:43)

    I’ve downloaded this and installed it correctly I hope, but when I try the lord of the Hunt dlc there is no voice or subtitles whatsoever, and the skin for the Bright Lord show but not the dlc.

  57. Chris (26 May 2015, 16:47)

    How am I supposed to update my game? there is no .ISO to mount. can somebody tell me how I’m supposed to update this shit?

  58. Chris (26 May 2015, 23:13)

    Skidrow, Can you help give a step by step guide on updating the game through the 3DM link you gave? it is not a mountable file. how am I supposed to update the game without an executable? I have tried to just copy and paste the files, but it did not work. can you please help me?

  59. John (26 May 2015, 23:15)

    Yeah, Me too Skidrow. I would like the same thing that Chris has said. can you give a guide on how to update the game with the 3dm link you gave?

  60. Shadow of Mordor (28 May 2015, 2:46)

    Hi Skidrow! Can you reupload this Update V.5 on a torrent site? Thank you!

  61. aadhi (30 May 2015, 4:24)

    its update 6 only..or include game?

  62. aadhi (03 Jun 2015, 5:36)

    any one plz tell how to instal dlc

  63. Vic (24 Jul 2015, 12:10)

    @Komplex did what u said still did not work any help ?

  64. ixen (28 Jul 2015, 16:35)

    why torrent size is 8GB and direct link is 5gb

  65. jhamela (29 Jul 2015, 17:00)

    @ Komplex

    I did exactly what you instructed but unfortunately that didn’t work out and i got only the skins of “Bright Lord” but no bright lord campaign.

  66. Rahman (30 Jul 2015, 3:48)

    this update work for CODEX version ?

  67. Dan (30 Jul 2015, 15:53)

    reupload mega please update 5-6

  68. Jason Nail (02 Aug 2015, 23:17)

    How Do I Install The Update?

  69. rohi (24 Aug 2015, 18:14)

    links are dead please update them only torrent works but i couldn’t see any setup file in it. Instead i copied files to the game files but it didn’t worked.

  70. nipun (25 Dec 2015, 16:04)

    thanks for the update guys.
    but there is no bright lord dlc showing in the game.only i’ve got is lord of hunt dlc and bright lord skin.
    please can you help with it.

  71. nipun (10 Jan 2016, 12:28)

    hey guys.
    I finnaly figured out the problem.this update 6 from skidrow has been missed a file.look for the layer 71 dlc file in your can see now. it is open the defult file from windows notepad and scroll tthat you can find this,layer 71 bright lord dlc.but in your directory there will be no file like that.that is the problem.that is the reason for not appearing the bright lord campaign.i downloaded this update as a torrent. that is the problem in the game.if i could able to solve this i will tell you.
    if you can, please help with it.
    my mobile 0775082572.please send a massege.

  72. HASAN (08 Feb 2016, 23:54)

    how can i open the “ARCH05” FİLE ?

  73. cartablanca (19 Apr 2016, 13:09)

    link dead, torrent redirect to a different release (3dm)

    can somebody provide the actual link for this update 6
    took very long time to download via torrent, small number of seed.

  74. HustleD64 (05 Jun 2016, 9:42)

    Please Give Me A link for Update 5

  75. joe (22 Sep 2016, 14:07)

    can anyone plz tell whether the update 6 works or not?

  76. vikrant (27 Oct 2016, 6:08)

    Any magnet link update 5 and wich version it requires

  77. merdukh (12 Nov 2016, 9:38)

    i installed this file but DLC doesnt appear. also it removed my savegames :/
    any suggestions?

  78. Nikko Carl Esber (15 Apr 2017, 6:57)

    how do i update it?

  79. Nikko Carl Esber (15 Apr 2017, 15:35)

    can someone PLEASE tell me how to install this? I got 9 compressed files with no executable files. How am i supposed to install this?? THANKS!

  80. chuyax56 (04 Jun 2017, 12:46)

    please reupload update 5 on mega thanks

  81. Shwips (23 Jul 2017, 22:01)

    Would you please re seed the torrent, I would be grateful

  82. ahmed serag (10 Nov 2017, 8:43)

    the links are not work

  83. Ramadan (29 Nov 2017, 10:48)

    i need seed for The Torrent file !!

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