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Pro Cycling Manager 2018-SKIDROW

Posted 28 Jun 2018 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

Pro Cycling Manager 2018-SKIDROW


Step into the shoes of sports manager and lead your pro cycling team through….



Step into the shoes of sports manager and lead your pro cycling team through a challenge-packed 2018 season. Compete in over 200 races across 500 stages around the world, including famous Tours such as La Vuelta and the iconic Tour de France.

Title: Pro Cycling Manager 2018
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Release Date: 28 Jun, 2018

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Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.Language.Changer-SKIDROW { Download | Download | Download |Download |Download | Download |Download | Download }

Note: Run Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.Language.Changer.exe and select a language of your desired choice!

Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.Stage.Editor-SKIDROW { Download | Download | Download |Download |Download | Download |Download | Download }

1. Unpack release
2. Run Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.Stage.Editor.exe
3. Install into the same drive and folder \Games\ as Pro Cycling Manager 2018 - or else it wont work
So it should look like this:
• \Games\Pro Cycling Manager 2018\
• \Games\Pro Cycling Manager 2018 Stage Editor\

Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.WorldDB.2018.DLC-SKIDROW => Here

Pro Cycling Manager 2018-SKIDROW
Size: 6.7 GB







































    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
    • Processor: AMD/Intel dual-core 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 Mo, ATI Radeon HD 5570/NVIDIA GeForce GT 240/Intel HD 4600
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 11 GB available space

Pro Cycling Manager 2018-SKIDROW
1. Extract
2. Play!
Posted by Skidrow


  1. erjolia (28 Jun 2018, 16:59)

    First Thanks !!!

  2. trel (28 Jun 2018, 17:37)

    Amazing! fast, thanks! <3

  3. SerialKillerJTR (28 Jun 2018, 18:23)


  4. David (28 Jun 2018, 18:52)

    I installed, copy crack and started game.. when it starts it asks to make new profile. But you cant enter and nothing happens..
    Thanx for all the help

  5. David (28 Jun 2018, 18:58)

    Ok ignore my last message.. had to install from game folder user settings.. you should make a note for it, or else other noobs like me will ask .

  6. oBARBAS (28 Jun 2018, 19:08)

    I can´t install, after click install the installer not start.

  7. racers (28 Jun 2018, 19:48)

    i dont know if it happens to anyone else or my computer is blocked but, when i simulate races most of the racers finish same time.

  8. Lockang (28 Jun 2018, 20:03)

    Steam auth failled :(

  9. Lucas (28 Jun 2018, 20:08)


  10. eter (28 Jun 2018, 20:12)

    the language selector doesnt work :(

  11. Homura (28 Jun 2018, 20:15)

    We need new profile, (Users.cdb i think) we cant play

  12. Javi (28 Jun 2018, 20:17)

    Game is not working for me. When I launch the game it says I have to create a profile and won’t let me continue.

  13. Homura (28 Jun 2018, 20:20)

    OK is done, we need put manually, are in skidrow folder. ty

  14. Fumeste (28 Jun 2018, 20:26)

    I have a problem with the language changer, this don’t work for me anyone of you have an explication ? the language is still in english, i change language in and steam.api but no one of this work. Ty

  15. lalalalalaaaaaa (28 Jun 2018, 21:14)

    Oh ffs, Jurassic World evolution will be a pile of dog shit. Any big name game that ever comes out that isn’t immediately made available on a crack site, you’ll get omegas like the dude up there begging for them, as if it were the very air they needed to breathe like a rabid cuckold begging for his wife’s passing attention.

    Get a hold of yourself, man.

  16. Ago (28 Jun 2018, 21:17)

    hello, i ve installed the game and crack with installer, i launch the game but I need a profile…

  17. Ago (28 Jun 2018, 21:19)

    we need to start the pcm18 account setup to generate skidrow profile

  18. cpri (28 Jun 2018, 21:45)

    For those that have trouble with create profile: go to game folder (C:\Games\Pro Cycling Manager 2018) and run Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.Account.Setup.exe

    Install to the game folder.

  19. Skyloq (28 Jun 2018, 21:51)

    Hey ! Same Problem : Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.Language.Changer doesn’t work…

  20. joao domingos (28 Jun 2018, 22:05)

    alguem consegue entrar no jogo?

  21. Skyloq (28 Jun 2018, 22:09)

    Les français qui veulent le jeu en français, le programme fournit par Skidrow ne fonctionne pas. Pour passer le jeu en français, editez le fichier steam_lng et remplacez le 8 par un 12

    In english : For change the lang of your game, edit steam_lng and replace the 8 by a number :

    5 Tchèque
    6 Danois
    7 Allemand
    10 Espagnol
    12 Français
    14 Hongrois
    16 Italien
    19 Hollandais
    20 Norvégien
    21 Polonais
    22 Portuguais

  22. joao b (28 Jun 2018, 22:52)

    Downloaded using WinRar, extracted to desktop and then Installed. First of all, errors d3dx9_43.dll and
    d3dx9_42.dll appeared on my screen. Downloaded both files and then it said it was needed a steam application to open PCM.

  23. Random Hero (29 Jun 2018, 2:20)

    J’ai essayé de le faire comme tu l’as décrit, et comme je le fais à chaque fois avec le steam_lng mais ça n’a pas marché…

    J’ai donc cherché une autre solution et j’ai trouvé ce qui a marché pour moi :

    Allez dans C:\Users\votrepseudo\AppData\Roaming\Pro Cycling Manager 2018\config
    Ouvrez le fichier option.xml avec le bloc note ou notepad++ et trouvez la ligne :
    21 (ligne 43 sur notepad)
    Remplacez le “21” par “22” et cela devrait être bon.

    Les codes language sont différents de ceux habituellement utilisés, je ne sais pas pourquoi ! J’en ai testé beaucoup avant de trouvé le bon (par exemple mettez “3” pour l’allemand)
    Si ca peut aider certains 😉

    In bad English : To change the language if doesn’t work with the usual methods, try this :
    C:\Users\youraccount\AppData\Roaming\Pro Cycling Manager 2018\config
    Edit option.xml and change the line :
    Change number : 22 = french ; 3 = Deutsch ; 8 = poland (i think) ; 12 = netherland ect
    Try another number, like me, to find your language.

    This method worked for me maybe for you too 😉

  24. Random Hero (29 Jun 2018, 2:25)

    Je ne peux éditer mon message et seul le “21” est resté… La ligne que vous devez trouver est :
    option_language 21 option_language et mettre 22 à la place.

    I can’t Edit my message… The line you need to find is :
    option_language 21 option_language

  25. lalalalalaaaaaa (29 Jun 2018, 7:17)

    You know, I always opened all files from this site using Daemon Tools and never had any issue with requiring the latest version of anything. It always just worked. Perhaps try downloading Daemon Tools and using that if you’re having issues unzipping.

  26. hansana (29 Jun 2018, 8:10)

    pour changer la langue il faut faire ça
    allez dans ”C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Pro Cycling Manager 2018\Config”
    editez le fichier ”option”
    cherchez la ligne ”21”
    et mettre 22 a la place du 21 voila

  27. Saviour (29 Jun 2018, 9:03)

    If you get the steamauth you didn’t setup the account.
    To do this you need to follow these steps.
    1. Go the folder you installed the game to. Standard is C:\games\Pro Cycling Manager 2018
    2. There should be a file called “Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.Account.Setup”
    3. Click on this and pick the folder you downloaded it to. Standard is Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.Account.Setup
    4. Open the game
    5. Enjoy

  28. Javi (29 Jun 2018, 11:20)

    What Saviour said works for me.

  29. Miguel (29 Jun 2018, 12:04)

    I’m having problems with the language changer.

    All the other things seems to be working but I can’t change the language…

  30. mave203 (29 Jun 2018, 12:59)

    i start the game and nothing happens help plz

  31. AleksCr (29 Jun 2018, 13:35)

    Someone managed to pass the profile creation?

  32. Kakalov (29 Jun 2018, 14:26)

    Rien ne marche pour le langage du jeux …

  33. Max (29 Jun 2018, 14:54)

    j’ai aussi galèrer pour mettre le jeu en français mais en modifiant les fichiers comme dit au dessus j’ai réussi, (les deux opérations sont nécéssaire)

    Was hard to install in french language, but when i change de Options.xml and Steam_ing, it works great.

    TY very much for this game :)

  34. Fred (29 Jun 2018, 19:14)

    J’ai un problème error 0xc000007b, j’ai tout fait les tutos sur interent, qqun a une idée ?

  35. santos (30 Jun 2018, 0:47)

    virus on crack

    is anyway to upload crack separately without it?

  36. Celsaum (30 Jun 2018, 4:09)

    When I click to run install.exe, it appears for a few seconds and disappears instantly. I completely removed windows defender and at the moment I am without any kind of antivirus. I only have problems with SKIDROW executables. Help, please!

  37. Mathias (01 Jul 2018, 20:10)

    Hi, how can i change the resolution cause the resolution by default is too high for my screen and i can’t see the option menu

  38. Rui Ferreira (01 Jul 2018, 22:03)

    Where I can find the crack?

  39. J.C (02 Jul 2018, 14:47)

    Get this bug when running the installer. “Sorry an error occurred while extracting the files, look at log for more information.

    Report: C:\Users\Admin\Appdata\local\temp\tmMwzmp7,uPC.log”

    Please help

  40. Saguaro (02 Jul 2018, 17:29)

    Fred, ton antivirus a mis un fichier en quarantaine, d’où ton erreur.

  41. PPortal (03 Jul 2018, 11:16)

    I can’t install.. After click install the installer not star. Please help me !

  42. Miguelowski (05 Jul 2018, 0:35)

    how to change language to Portuguese?

  43. ricardo (10 Jul 2018, 2:16)

    if you have Steam Auth Falied run copy the files from crack to folder where game is installed and then run the Pro.Cycling.Manager.2018.Account.Setup

  44. Haxxdream (11 Jul 2018, 9:31)

    Ehm, everything works fine, but I think the graphics are somehow set for a 4K monitor.. I can see 3/4 of the game on my screen but 1/4 is out of reach.. In-game it says that it is 1920×1080 but there is no way i can test other resolutions because i can not apply them.

  45. dddddddddd (13 Jul 2018, 17:34)

    problem with steam api 64.dll
    whats the problem??

  46. Kroef (14 Jul 2018, 20:55)

    Same as above.

    Cant copy steam_api64.dll

    Any help?

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