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State of Decay 2 v1.3160.34.2 Incl 6 DLCs-Repack


State of Decay 2 v1.3160.34.2 Incl 6 DLCs-Repack


The dead have risen and civilization has fallen. Not even the military could stop the zombies…



The dead have risen and civilization has fallen. Not even the military could stop the zombies, and now it’s up to you to gather survivors and build a community in a post-apocalyptic world, a world where every decision matters, and where you define what it means to survive.

Title: State of Decay 2
Genre: Action & adventure
Release Date: 5 Jun, 2018

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State of Decay 2 v1.3160.34.2 Incl 6 DLCs-Repack
Size: 9 GB














  • OS: Windows 10
  • Architecture: x64, X64
  • Keyboard: Integrated Keyboard
  • Mouse: Integrated Mouse
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video Memory: 2 GB
  • Processor: AMD FX-6300 | Intel i5-2500 @ 2.7GHz
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 | AMD Radeon HD 7870

State of Decay 2 v1.3160.34.2 Incl 6 DLCs-Repack
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Posted by Skidrow


  1. Faisal (14 Jun 2018, 0:36)

    can i upgrade to this version ? and how ? because i downloaded the codex version

  2. tryanoto ss (14 Jun 2018, 1:29)

    does this still need windows 10 to play?

  3. LifeIsStrange (14 Jun 2018, 8:05)

    Work for windows 7?

  4. kazz (14 Jun 2018, 11:34)

    is the same as the codex or its a repack its only 9 gig thou The Codex one is 14gig

  5. Edba (14 Jun 2018, 15:30)

    Same problems as the other one…

  6. Qcx (14 Jun 2018, 15:30)

    Does it work its only 9 GB ye and the Codex is 14 GB Mhhh

  7. kwchum (14 Jun 2018, 15:35)

    I think this version may have problem. After i have finish install the game, at desktop there have a file name call State Of Decay 2 install crack. Then i click it, its pop out a box to install, after that , there not thing happen, please help me….

  8. kwchum (14 Jun 2018, 16:20)

    One more thing, System error – The code execution cannot proceed because vccorlib 140_app.DLL was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. What does it mean?

  9. marchitiello (15 Jun 2018, 10:55)

    doesnt work, any help?

  10. aziz (15 Jun 2018, 11:25)

    It doesn’t fucking work same as codex one … fucking waste of fucking time

  11. kobas (15 Jun 2018, 11:46)

    It just crashes on crack folder that you gave us can you pls fix it?

  12. error (15 Jun 2018, 12:49)

    same because VCCORLIB 140_app.DLL

  13. Vlad (15 Jun 2018, 14:21)

    Am i retarded or this doesn’t work?!

  14. rad3d (15 Jun 2018, 17:58)

    Game run if you install vc redist 2015, but crack not working because when you lunch the game you see mesage about illegal version… waste of time…

  15. Deta (15 Jun 2018, 20:07)

    u guys are just.. The Best !!!

  16. hieu (15 Jun 2018, 21:56)

    i has install but how to play???

  17. Chongtak (16 Jun 2018, 12:42)

    Not working. Do you ever try before posting crap?

  18. gameastuce (16 Jun 2018, 14:25)

    HI , install the game , then do the check files from the setup , go to the game folder , then installapp.exe admin , and installcrack.bat , finaly launch the game from the start menu :) enjoy

  19. crckman (17 Jun 2018, 4:22)

    Hey guys!
    BEFORE complaining and screaming that this is a waste of time, you should READ WHILE INSTALLING.
    FitGirl says while installation ALL the Info you need, but let me make it simple for you once more.
    1. “after the download and installing click on the SOD2 file on your desktop”
    2. Go to your start menu and search for the SOD2 file THEN click on it (not the same as in the desktop)
    3. PLAY. (and quit whining and be thankful that she does what she does for free.
    (MAKE sure to check all the files while installing and install them too and that you have WINDOWS 10)

  20. Kamui (17 Jun 2018, 17:23)

    I did everything the previous commenters say. But when I try to launch it on my start menu it still missing DLL files. Anyone know how to fix it?

  21. aziz (17 Jun 2018, 17:41)

    When I start a new game it works for about 2-3 min then this message pop up ‘ warning- a running process may be interfering with the correct operation of state of decay 2. this may be caused by anti-virus software, malware, game overlays, or other active processes on your pc. for more information, please visit (state of decay 2 support web) ..
    and then force me to desktop .
    Explain to me why this is happening ?
    I already tried disabling windows defender , changing region , reinstalling the game and even windows 10 and nothing fucking works .. I’m fucking angry because I’ve played the first state of decay long time ago and i like it a lot I was waiting for this game and now I’m stuck in this situation .. and im not going to buy it from fucking microsoft

  22. Ozii (17 Jun 2018, 17:49)

    Can you fucking FIX the game already ?!! Wont launch after several re installations and guides from online….

  23. crckman (18 Jun 2018, 7:29)

    There is no problem with the game so there is nothing to fix.
    Stop downloading games if you dont know how to properly install them.
    After downloading go to SOD2 Fitgirl file and EXTRACT/VERIFY the .bin files “HERE”
    Then click on the setup and install the game.
    After that click on the SOD2 Crack icon on your desktop.
    Then go to your start menu and click on SOD2.
    Le Fin.

  24. crckman (18 Jun 2018, 7:58)

    Do you even try before posting crap?

  25. Roger Wilco (18 Jun 2018, 16:37)

    Win 10, LOOOLL what is this ? Tablet edition?

  26. Philrd (18 Jun 2018, 18:25)

    Yeah it work guys… Just shitty UWP game, you have to launch it absolutely from start menu and if he’s not there go into the install directory and run instalApp after that it should be there. And yeah you need Win10 UWP game are only on the windows store so yeah its a pain in the ass but if youre not retarded it work

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