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The Sims 4 Update v1.36.102.1020


The Sims 4 Update v1.36.102.1020 and Crack


Create a variety of cats and dogs, add them to your Sims’ homes to forever…



Create a variety of cats and dogs, add them to your Sims’ homes to forever change their lives and care for neighbourhood pets as a veterinarian with The Sims™ 4 Cats & Dogs.

Title: The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs
Genre: Simulation
Developer: The Sims Studio
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Date: 09 Nov, 2017
Crack By: machine4578 (Cs Rin Forum)

Support the software developers, They Really Deserve It. BUY IT!

Note: Does not require any previous patches - just the main game release!

Multi.Lang.Patch { Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download | Download }

The Sims 4 Update v1.36.102.1020
Size: 7.3 GB


































OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent (For computers using built-in graphics chipsets, the game requires 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-62 or equivalent)
RAM: At least 2 GB RAM
HARD DRIVE: At least 3 GB of free space (14 GB if installing with The Sims 4) with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content and saved games
VIDEO: 128 MB of Video RAM and support for Pixel Shader 3.0. Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better, Intel GMA X4500 or better
DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0c compatible
SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
INPUT: Keyboard and Mouse

The Sims 4 Update v1.36.102.1020
- Extract
- Copy update
- Copy Crack
- Play
Posted by Skidrow


  1. Yukino (10 Nov 2017, 12:37)

    Thank you very much for your work, strongly that the download ends! thanks again!!!

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    Thank you! You’re so amazing!

  4. Vegetable Erection (10 Nov 2017, 12:39)

    +1 machine4578

  5. Zuzka (10 Nov 2017, 12:40)

    OMG so fast! Thank you guys, you are the best <3

  6. th (10 Nov 2017, 12:41)

    Tutorial on how to install if you already have v1.33.38.1020 installed:

  7. A (10 Nov 2017, 12:50)

    tHANKS SO MUCH !!!!! Great Job like usual

  8. Santi (10 Nov 2017, 12:52)

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    Wow, you guys work so fast! Thank you so much I really adore your site 😀

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    Yessss. But can it be torrent?

  12. Meowby (10 Nov 2017, 12:57)

    need torrent please ;-;

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    Omg thank youuuu guys!!¡¡ i love U all 😍😘

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    Comme toujours, le meilleur de tous!
    Merci, vous êtes les meilleurs les gars!
    Best site of the net !
    You are the one !

  17. Alessandro (10 Nov 2017, 13:17)

    Can you upload the torrent file? Thank you.

  18. kaleb (10 Nov 2017, 13:19)


  19. Chubby (10 Nov 2017, 13:20)

    Why not torrent link?? o.o

  20. Kalina Dimitrova (10 Nov 2017, 13:22)

    OMG! That is the best thing that happened to me this week… I can’t even describe how happy I am right now!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

  21. ana (10 Nov 2017, 13:31)

    hi, does a question work with the fitgirl version?

  22. key (10 Nov 2017, 13:37)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! That was really quick!

    The first time i clicked this post there wasnt any torrent link and thought i might as well wait until tomorrow but then few mins later i refreshed and boom torrents available woahhh yall the best <3

  23. A (10 Nov 2017, 13:43)

    Hello i have a language problem nothing show up in FRENCH since the new update Cats & Dogs is there any issues please ?

  24. A (10 Nov 2017, 13:44)

    Is someone had the same problem like me

  25. thankful user (10 Nov 2017, 13:44)

    WOW that was quick 😀
    I refreshed the page and noow there is torrent too??!!?
    there is literally 1 seeder so SEED PEOPLE SEED 😀


  26. EXO.K (10 Nov 2017, 14:05)

    Why is the torrent so slow …. ?

  27. Ivi (10 Nov 2017, 14:09)

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    Thanks!!! You’re the best!!!!

  30. Ratzovich (10 Nov 2017, 14:41)

    I got a infinite loading screen i’m the only one ?

    please help :/

  31. BLST (10 Nov 2017, 14:43)

    want to ask, is this release include all the previous packs ?

  32. Saitama (10 Nov 2017, 14:46)

    The description is from “Fitness Pack” another EP. Please edit!

  33. Ratzovich (10 Nov 2017, 14:47)

    If somebody get a langage problem check above all link [ the yellow line named multi.lang.patch ]

  34. bendou51 (10 Nov 2017, 15:06)

    I’m happy
    I love you !

  35. aye! (10 Nov 2017, 15:12)

    omg thank you for your hard work!! 🙂

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    Guys… I came here thinking “oh well, its too soon anyway,i ‘m just checking”. AND THERE IT WAS, I JUMPED ALL OVER THE ROOM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO FAST, YOU ARE THE BEST <3 <3

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  39. Anna (10 Nov 2017, 15:44)

    Thank you so much machine4578 and Skidrow Reloaded, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  40. CRIMSON (10 Nov 2017, 15:54)

    Why the torrent is so slow

  41. ROROH (10 Nov 2017, 15:57)

    hello, first of all, thanks a lot for this release! but i have a problem with language, i have installed the patch for french language, but now, i don’t have any incription in french just for the new update… what can i do?

  42. Hey!! (10 Nov 2017, 16:06)

    Downloaded from utorrent!
    How do I install it?

  43. Érica (10 Nov 2017, 16:06)

    oh my god! I can´t belived. so fast
    thank you soooooooo much

  44. BARANGARO (10 Nov 2017, 16:14)

    o download esta em portugues tambem?

  45. Cyka (10 Nov 2017, 16:16)

    My game freezes before the main menu, what’s the problem?

  46. BARANGARO (10 Nov 2017, 16:17)

    Ta em portugues o jogo?

  47. melissa (10 Nov 2017, 16:24)

    Thank you 🙂

  48. pemagiar (10 Nov 2017, 16:30)

    How do I put it in Spanish?

  49. Player (10 Nov 2017, 16:42)

    Someone know how to fix problem with names of houses in new destination in this patch? New world doesnt have any name there is just dog hand and a lot of houses inside doesnt have names too:(

  50. bagira (10 Nov 2017, 16:52)

    Doesn’t work freeze on the loading screen. Please help

  51. lost man (10 Nov 2017, 16:54)

    what only main release means ? teh sims 4 reloaded or something else ?

  52. Javi (10 Nov 2017, 16:54)

    Is this just the update? or the full game?

  53. Lilibulleuh (10 Nov 2017, 16:56)

    Hello and first of all thank you very much for this crack !
    I have a problem with origin, it says I need it to be installed on my PC but I played the cracked sims without it before the new update I just downloaded…
    Any solution ??

  54. lost man (10 Nov 2017, 16:56)

    can someone please answer?thanks

  55. Su (10 Nov 2017, 17:17)

    Thankss Skidrow.We are need Sims 4 <3 Im love you Skidrow

  56. th (10 Nov 2017, 17:19)

    This update needs City Living, crack provider machine4578 wrote:
    ”ok guys here it is.. the AIO patch for the last RLD iso City Living!”

  57. Bruno (10 Nov 2017, 17:20)

    Funciona mesmo?

  58. Erik (10 Nov 2017, 17:24)

    yaaayy!!! thanks., cant wait to download this

  59. Sarah (10 Nov 2017, 17:27)

    Not working for me, it says origin is not installed and is required to play but I have never had origin and it worked before.

  60. Aurélien (10 Nov 2017, 17:31)

    Since one year, the updates were released so fast! Thanks! 😀

  61. http://jedi1973 (10 Nov 2017, 17:35)

    merci beaucoup !! la classe ! wouarf !!!!

  62. Anne-lise (10 Nov 2017, 17:47)

    The game worked FINE.
    But My daughter plays in portugueses and I play in english….I installed the multi langage pack that is in the beginning of this post and now the game is not working. But thats the least, i’m installing again. But I need to solve the langage problem for my daughter to play…PLEASE!!!!

  63. MIGUEL ANGEL (10 Nov 2017, 17:53)

    Can’t see text icon, the icon is white with spanish languaje. Sorry for my english, i am spanish. thank.

  64. Fahmi Rizaldi (10 Nov 2017, 17:53)

    Thankyou so much Skidrow Team, Really Appreciate it. once again, Thanks.

  65. Gianluca (10 Nov 2017, 18:00)

    Hi I’ve got a problem,
    when i try to start a new game and then go to the CAS it gave me a white screen, I also tried to play with my pre existent save, they load, i can access the house but then i cannot interact with anything, if i click anywhere nothing appears

  66. Jav (10 Nov 2017, 18:01)


  67. xsmoothox (10 Nov 2017, 18:07)

    Game has lag in loading screen

  68. MP39 (10 Nov 2017, 18:07)

    Can anyone help me? The game freeze in the loading screen

  69. PremiumAss (10 Nov 2017, 18:10)

    This is so incomplete description because you need The.Sims.4.City.Living.Internal.RELOADED as a base and then you need Multi-17 Language Pack from here http://mega[dot]nz/#!gwRVgLhI!PfiXkWlJNavo6EBZAXpDjRofMTmROZNhM9CdpSS2V-A

    1.) Install RELOADED City Living.
    2.) Copy the update posted here to your game folder
    4.) Copy and replace the files inside “Bin” of Crack folder to respective game folder inside “Bin”
    3.) Install the Lang pack mentioned above.
    4.) Play!

  70. Anne-lise (10 Nov 2017, 18:17)

    someone has used the multi lang. patch?

  71. TeRua (10 Nov 2017, 18:18)

    it is update and crack only, not full game guys!

  72. mandy (10 Nov 2017, 18:19)

    Vem pt-br??

  73. A (10 Nov 2017, 18:23)

    RORROH I had the same problem as you

  74. iVera112 (10 Nov 2017, 18:44)

    I do not get the texts of the DLC :S What I can do?

  75. mart (10 Nov 2017, 18:54)

    download it and worked good , but i have the problem that there is no text in the new dlc content . anyone have a working solution ?

  76. iVera112 (10 Nov 2017, 19:03)

    I have the same error Mart, I’m waiting for the solution

  77. Kvlt (10 Nov 2017, 19:17)

    So fast! Thank you !!!

  78. Towny (10 Nov 2017, 19:29)

    Thanks to you guys it works perfectly !

  79. sharon (10 Nov 2017, 19:32)

    I downloaded the torrent and extracted the winrar file.
    I now have 2 maps names update and crack.
    What do i have to do with them?
    I have no clue and tried some things but nothing works on my game. Please help me?

  80. ® ™ (10 Nov 2017, 19:33)

    Thank you so much, I 💖 it ♬♪♩♭♪ …
    You’re awesome 💋 !!! …

  81. Lara (10 Nov 2017, 19:52)

    Omg, thank you, so fast! but why is the torrent so slow?

  82. Virgii (10 Nov 2017, 20:27)

    Hello Mart, I also have the problem of displaying text, it’s very boring ..

    The download and installation was good, but no DLC text, there is no name of the breeds in CAS.

    In the game, when I click on the animal, the actions are not visible …

    Sorry for the translation but I do not speak English very well

    thank you for helping me

  83. Garance (10 Nov 2017, 20:28)

    Thank you so much for it. At the base I come on the site for ask you to crack the game, you crack it very fast, good job.

  84. María (10 Nov 2017, 20:35)

    There is a problem… In the game I cant see some text in the CAS or in the New World…

  85. lou (10 Nov 2017, 20:50)

    for the missing text bug it’s easy.
    1. DL the Multi Lang Patch, you’ll find it at the top of the dl files.
    2. Execute the setup.exe.
    3.Copy paste every folders in the the SIMS 4 install folders.

  86. Akil (10 Nov 2017, 20:56)

    Thank You so much! <3 :))

  87. Zoldyck (10 Nov 2017, 21:22)

    A mi tambien me pasaba.Instale el parche multilenguaje en una carpeta en el escritorio,y copie el contenido en la carpeta donde tengo el juego de los sims 4 y los textos en blanco se corrigieron.

  88. MeOoOwWw1201 (10 Nov 2017, 21:25)

    Pour ceux qui ont un probleme avec les text en francais bien faire attention quand vous installer le patch il crée un dossier The sims 4…prendre les fichier et dossier a l’interieur et les coller dans votre dossier Sims 4…perso Mon dossier portait un autre Nom que The sims 4 du coup il ma crée un dossier a l’interieur….une fois copier les fichier puis coller dans mon dossier Sims 4 j’ai tout qui fonctionne.

  89. Laetitia (10 Nov 2017, 21:29)


    ma fille l’attendait impatiemment 🙂

  90. julian (10 Nov 2017, 21:32)

    how do i change the langage of this add plz ?

  91. himawari (10 Nov 2017, 21:46)

    Merci !!!
    J’avais le meme probleme avec le texte mais j’ai pu le résoudre
    1 installer le jeux
    2 installer le fichier multi langue attention quand on l’enregistre au niveau de the sims 4 au lieu de s’insérer dans les différents fichier (exemple GP04…) il crée un nouveau fichier The sims 4 il faut donc copier coller les élements à la base the sims 4 et supprimer le dossier qui a était créer.
    3 normalement le jeux est en francais

  92. rocky (10 Nov 2017, 21:55)

    @premiumAss do you have different link? This one is not longer avaible

  93. Dave (10 Nov 2017, 21:56)

    Which DLC’s are being including in this udpate?

  94. Whitness (10 Nov 2017, 21:59)

    The download works properly as far as it being playable.
    Just copy the update contents to your game directory, overwrite anything if asked, then the same for the crack directory.
    Languages work perfectly as well…
    Don’t install any language patch, you don’t need to fool around with that, just open the RLD ini file in the BIN folder, and change the selected language to the one you desire, that’s all there is to it.

    There is however one problem with this release, which is that a lot of text is missing, in the new world, in the phone of the sims, and in the creation of any pet, all descriptions are missing…

    I hope this gets fixed, or someone else posts a release of this dlc as well, that does have everything needed.


  95. raki (10 Nov 2017, 22:16)

    Everything is OK, need only language pack.

  96. raki (10 Nov 2017, 22:28)

    @Whitness Thanks, working without language pack as u say! 🙂

  97. Claiber (10 Nov 2017, 22:54)

    Thank you so much! You’re speed is amazing, that’s why I always choose Skidrow 😉

  98. BluQ3 (10 Nov 2017, 23:02)

    Omg this is real wow :3 love you♥

  99. hika (10 Nov 2017, 23:03)

    moi j’ai un souci le jeux bloque a certain moment soit au chargement soit apres avoir fermer la fennettre qui est apres le dlc chat et chien

  100. Amilcare Di Porzio (10 Nov 2017, 23:13)

    ALL WORKS PERFECTLY BUT…… when i choose ITALIAN LANGUAGE i had the text problem for the PETS PATCH…. HELP…..
    PS: if i set en_US all is ok…..but for italian translation nope! T_T

  101. Alessandro (10 Nov 2017, 23:22)

    Game works. The white boxes appear just in languages different from English. I tried to modify the RLD.ini file in it_IT, and the game change its language in Italian, but some white boxes without text appears.

  102. Lara (10 Nov 2017, 23:27)

    It worked! Thanks so much!

  103. topiq (10 Nov 2017, 23:30)

    i have the sims 4 version from machine4578, is this okay if i use this patch????

  104. Lara (10 Nov 2017, 23:37)

    The only thing is that it takes forever to load.

  105. Lara (10 Nov 2017, 23:43)

    If you choose to make a new family and move it to the new world, the game will load forever. How can I fix that?

  106. Lil (10 Nov 2017, 23:43)

    I have skidrow reloaded city living internal and toddlers, and vampire and parenthood addons on that.
    Followed the instructions, it still cries for origin when started. (There’s no exe file in the torrent for update)

  107. minhrain4142 (11 Nov 2017, 0:04)

    why cant i play it in 64bit? (ts4_x64) has stop working.

  108. John Rogers (11 Nov 2017, 0:04)

    Does anyone know if it works with Fitgirls v1.33.38.1020 ? because she will repack all the game again,and not just include de Cats and Dogs dlc, and i just want to download this dlc.

  109. Lara (11 Nov 2017, 0:10)

    Mine won’t work now. It works in Create A Sim…after that I can’t play it. I have messed up my game. It won’t load. I can’t even load my older saved games…:(….

  110. Sofia (11 Nov 2017, 0:13)

    Hello, I have a problem, download everything normal but do not read me or do not recognize the mods that I have, there are not many and it’s just clothes but it does not show anything

  111. JakeMiller (11 Nov 2017, 0:37)

    Hello! I’m from Spain. When I want to play the game in spanish, the text aren’t appear and the squares are appeared in blank. But i choose in English, the text are appear correctly. I’m wait to you search the solution.


  112. jassysm (11 Nov 2017, 0:51)

    should i copy paste the crack and update in my game directory?

  113. Sheeva (11 Nov 2017, 1:01)

    Same problem with the language and missing texts here… guess I have to wait for fitgirl to repack it :-/

  114. Kath (11 Nov 2017, 1:18)

    Thank you so much 🙂 you are awesome!

  115. Kvlt (11 Nov 2017, 1:18)

    Just copied it all into my game folder, started it and everything works wonderfully <3 I'll be seeding for a while. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  116. Liz (11 Nov 2017, 1:31)

    Thanks,it works great !( and ty for uploading it so fast!!) I’ll be seeding it too now.
    Make sure you guys have all the previous Sims packs by Skidrow to avoid any complications when installing.

  117. Robert (11 Nov 2017, 1:55)

    is a full game?

  118. kei (11 Nov 2017, 2:03)

    is that ok if i install this patch? ive already have 1.33. toddler and this patch 1.36? it means theres no 1.34. its jump automaticallyfrom 1.33 to 1.36? please answer thx before you do the great job!

  119. Rmnilga (11 Nov 2017, 2:26)

    Soy el único que le aparecen las cuadros de texto en blanco?:v

  120. Ella (11 Nov 2017, 2:41)

    Did everything and it works perfect except for when I start the game it says it’s in 32 bit not 64 like my laptop wants 🙁 any help

  121. marina.deak (11 Nov 2017, 3:02)

    Hey guys. After messing around with the language pack, I think I figured out how to fix the blank strings problem. Install the language pack in your game directory (the “The Sims 4” folder, NOT the “Game” one). After the installation, open the folder and you will see that a new The Sims 4 folder was created inside your The Sims 4 original folder (you read it right). Go to the new folder and copy the String files inside the EP04 folder to your ORIGINAL EP04 folder. Then do the same for the Delta folder, copying and pasting the respective EP04 String files. Now got to your Game / Bin folder, run the language selector file and pick your language. Run the game and check if it worked. The thing is that the update didn’t came with all the language string files for cats and dogs.
    I hope I was clear enough, despite my english xD
    Hope it works for you 🙂

  122. Agostina (11 Nov 2017, 3:07)

    Thank you very much!! <3 ^^

  123. Lay (11 Nov 2017, 3:18)

    Wow! So fast! Thank you very much!

  124. rena (11 Nov 2017, 3:39)

    you the best, skidrow <3 tyvm

  125. Marco (11 Nov 2017, 3:44)

    @marina.deak thank you ^^ work for me in portuguese language!!

  126. TheDude (11 Nov 2017, 3:46)

    So TS4 was working fine until I put this update in it, it never asked about Origin before but now it does…wtf…?

  127. fancythecharles (11 Nov 2017, 3:47)

    this include all the dlcs?

  128. nielson12231 (11 Nov 2017, 4:03)

    Are all previous Updates and DLC in it?

  129. Help! (11 Nov 2017, 4:08)

    It works fine except when I want to move into a house the loading takes forever?? It doesnt lag or freeze it just… loads forever.


  130. mBrant (11 Nov 2017, 4:54)

    I follow the tips of marina.deak, its worked fine, all the missing text is now function.
    I just copy all the contents of the folder created by the Language Pack to all the folders of the game, overwriten them all. Worked fine to me. TKS

  131. kei (11 Nov 2017, 5:02)

    what updates included in this patch? is there 1.34. and 1.35 . updates include too in this game? i really want the diwali celebration wheres include in 1.34. patch and some new update in cas in 1.34 update :3.
    please answer me.
    thanks before.

  132. marina.deak (11 Nov 2017, 5:14)

    @Ella if your laptop is x64, then just run the game through the TS4_x64.exe inside the game dirrectory 🙂

  133. marina.deak (11 Nov 2017, 5:18)

    @Marco I’m glad it worked, I play in portuguese too ^^

  134. hra (11 Nov 2017, 6:08)

    I download the update, copied it and the crack, start the game, games works fine, but no dogs and cat?
    last update i had was toddler. all updates working fine but dogs and cats is not there!!?

  135. abeer (11 Nov 2017, 6:30)

    when i run the game origin come up i want to play:((

  136. SoulSoul (11 Nov 2017, 6:35)

    hey there was 2 updates released in September ans October, are they included please? anybody who already downloaded it please can yyou tell me if it’s there ?

    and thank you so so much Skidrow, never thought it *’ll be therre so fast. BRAVO!

  137. xsmoothox (11 Nov 2017, 7:46)

    Okay. I tried reinstall The Sims 4 and use two another pack, but still wrong.
    It’s possible to make family, but when I want play game, I have always this – > (PIC) “” or never ending load screen.
    Relaunch game doesn’t help. I do everything good. Copy from Update to main game folder, and crack to bin.
    I see many people can’t play too because is the same problem.

  138. Alis (11 Nov 2017, 8:10)

    Hi, how do i install it? I never installed skidrow games before. (I’m downloading this with “Another Torrent”) Btw. Omg! That fast? Wow

  139. Diana (11 Nov 2017, 8:20)

    Não tem fitness stuff…:(

  140. aliartini (11 Nov 2017, 8:22)

    My sims version is 1.31
    there is no problem with version. or upgrade version to 1.35
    or just this update 1.36 is final

  141. Fabrix (11 Nov 2017, 8:26)

    Hi people! here is a new release multi 17

    hope it help you

  142. Kirsten (11 Nov 2017, 8:36)

    will there be any updates to all languages? the Czech language is not at all….Thanks! 🙂

  143. kty (11 Nov 2017, 8:36)

    Hello , I was told that the file rar is damaged. Why?

  144. Yui (11 Nov 2017, 9:34)

    Does someone have blank dialogs? D:

  145. Serbia (11 Nov 2017, 9:42)

    How is it possible that under release date it says 9th November but the game was supposed to get out 10th November?

  146. ROROH (11 Nov 2017, 9:50)

    still have lot of problem in the game… can’t go out like travel in a city or clinik with pets, even alone.
    can’t place some cc like bed or sofa. can’t watch tv… waiting for fitgirl repack …

  147. Alessandro (11 Nov 2017, 10:04)

    I follow the tips of marina.deak. It works, but just some boxes are still white: the new lot traites and something else. But the game works wthout problems for me.

  148. Whitness (11 Nov 2017, 10:13)

    @ Marina.deak,
    Thanks for sharing your findings.
    Sadly it didn’t work as it should for me.
    I then tried what mBrant said automatically, and just copy over ALL files from the language patch, and then the update & crack after that.
    Used the language selector to start, and now 95% of all text works. (non english language, in english everything works 100%)
    The descriptions in the new world are there, pet creation descriptions mostly, so it’s great to be able to play.
    Some things like adopt in household via computer is listed as … , and some descriptions in the phone are also like that, and the call over option from a pet is also blank (for as far as i’ve quickly seen)…
    Nevertheless, without this solution it doesn’t work (the text) at all in any other language then english, so thanks!


  149. Hubsimumps (11 Nov 2017, 10:59)

    Hey Guys Thanks a lot ! But i have a Problem… after Copy and Override i start the Game in German, but there is missing a lot of Text in the Buttons for any Actions… i will post a Screenshoot if needed…. But maybe you already know it and could help me to fix the Problem ? (Sorry for my bad english)


  150. Ravenly (11 Nov 2017, 11:04)


    Thanks for the update but I always have the same problem… always the “Can’t run The Sims 4 with the video card in this system. Please check that the video card meets the minimum specifications…..” but I have the latest video drivers and I have a good video card (GTX 750 ti) I don’t know what to do… 🙁 please help ! (And sorry for my English, I’m french)

  151. Another Random Person (11 Nov 2017, 11:17)

    Thank you so much!!!!

  152. Tshelky (11 Nov 2017, 11:32)

    Just installed the torrent version that has been there before the “multilanguage pack”. Does that mean I have to download the multilanguage pack now if I want to play in my mother language? Couldn’t you just upload the files that are required for changing the language? Don’t want to wait another 8 hours.

  153. Are (11 Nov 2017, 11:34)

    I don’t know spanish language

  154. Gabriel (11 Nov 2017, 12:38)

    My game close when i try to put the householder to a place, basically my game just work the create a sim, i cant play it, someone, help

  155. Mariana (11 Nov 2017, 12:57)

    Thank you for being so fast!

  156. Eidoriana (11 Nov 2017, 13:03)

    Alguien me puede explicar con mas detalles lo que explicó marina para solucionar lo el fix de idiomas y en español por favor!

  157. Bruno (11 Nov 2017, 13:10)

    Thanks, I downloaded the game and I’m playing, so I would like to know if you have how you put the game in Portuguese, because I do not speak fluent English and I’m not able to read the interactions

  158. kevin (11 Nov 2017, 13:38)


  159. kevin (11 Nov 2017, 13:39)


  160. sophie drouet (11 Nov 2017, 14:01)

    Bonjour serait-il possible que tu refasse un pack des sims 4 avec tout les dlc sa serait cool

  161. Schatz (11 Nov 2017, 14:07)

    Thank you ♥

  162. th (11 Nov 2017, 14:22)

    how to download full updated game (v1.36.102.1020):

  163. sharul (11 Nov 2017, 14:29)

    what is all its expansion pack

  164. Sevilla (11 Nov 2017, 14:35)

    Hi , i have a problem whit a texts in new expansion ” pets” how make apper?


  165. Flaviana (11 Nov 2017, 14:38)


  166. Bism (11 Nov 2017, 14:47)

    Why is the torrent so slow?

  167. aLive2k (11 Nov 2017, 15:00)

    For PT-BR users!

    Correção texto em branco pra galera que quer PT-BR:–hWhflF4nXtZ/view?usp=sharing

    Só seguir exatamente como fiz

  168. Zhoku (11 Nov 2017, 15:33)

    Okay so to all people who have the DLC TEXT DISPLAY BUG :

    1) You need to install the crack first, download it, extract, and copy all the CONTENT (not the fodlers itslef) of the two folders “CRACK” and “UPDATE” in your SIMS 4 folder.

    2) Launch the game one first time. If it launches properly, close it.

    3) Download the MULTI PATCH from above, then execute the setup. When the installation launches, install the files on your desktop.

    4) Then copy those files directly in you SIMS 4 folder, it will overwrite most of it.

    5) Voilà ! Enjoy 🙂

  169. Eidoriana (11 Nov 2017, 15:40)

    @marina.deak podrias hacer un tutorial de como lo solucionaste y subirlo ? Ya sea a youtube, google drive o de alguna forma mostrarnos visualmente como lo arreglaste. Gracias y saludos!

  170. Constance (11 Nov 2017, 16:13)


  171. marina.deak (11 Nov 2017, 16:43)

    Hey guys, I’m glad some people were able to fix the blank texts problem with my solution. I can’t seem to post images here, so I can’t repost a screen capture so more people can see it (also cant copy paste) 🙁
    But fear not! I created a pastebin link with the instructions for you and also added a spanish version (made with google translate, sorry xD) since there are people having problems with english.


    Sorry I only translated to this languages, I’m afraid Google Translate is not that precise with other languages.

    *I also want to add something to this solution: Instead of just copy paste the string files to folders EP04, copy paste all the string files to it’s respective folders from the language pack created, like @mBrent did. I know it’s tiring and boring to copy paste all of that, but I think that way will avoid problems with other strings in the game.

    Sorry to hear that even doing all of this, some people still have the problem. I will try to investigate a little bit more, but there isn’t much I can do 🙁

  172. hard baited (11 Nov 2017, 17:14)

    the download speed is so damn low…

  173. Schlauewurst (11 Nov 2017, 17:43)

    Link to the main game?

  174. DAMI KPA (11 Nov 2017, 17:50)

    TENGO UNA EMOCIÓN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  175. kevin (11 Nov 2017, 18:12)

    ADD SWE!!!!!!!

  176. ahmed-medo (11 Nov 2017, 18:25)

    thank you so much
    it’s work fine

  177. Aless (11 Nov 2017, 18:30)

    Hi, I’m wondering if there will be a mac version ?

  178. Yuukez (11 Nov 2017, 18:53)


    I have 32bit and after tue character creation, when i press play; in the middle of loading i got a “the game is not working”

  179. Vit (11 Nov 2017, 19:44)

    Cannot interact with some objects, help pls

  180. Palizader (11 Nov 2017, 20:00)

    So this has all DLC’s ?

  181. MaryJollie (11 Nov 2017, 20:07)

    My game is freezing in the Cats and Dogs Welcome sign 🙁

  182. marina.deak (11 Nov 2017, 20:30)

    Hey again. Now, images for the blank texts problem xD
    I really hope it helps 🙂

  183. Erick (11 Nov 2017, 20:30)

    You are incredible !

  184. adriana (11 Nov 2017, 21:20)

    hey, i have bought all the games, but this month im not able to buy this one, can i dovvnload and still play vvith the original games or do i have to dovvnload all the games to be able to play it cracked? vvill it interfeer vvith the original?

  185. Paola (11 Nov 2017, 21:54)

    Não consigo deixar em portugues

  186. Patry (11 Nov 2017, 22:15)

    I have the never ending loading screen when I try to enter a house. Pm me by email : [email protected] I only need crack not the entire game so I won’t download the repack. PLEASE HELP

  187. degas (11 Nov 2017, 22:26)

    hi, for those who have trouble setting language. Go to game folder> game> bin> find RldOrigin.ini and change language there. but do not enjoy too much because in the game and so there are no items from the add. Greetings!

  188. Timi (11 Nov 2017, 22:37)

    Am i the only one having problems with some features? Like my sims can’t eat what they cook, i can’t go on a walk with my dogs, i can’t hug my dogs, adopt an animal, ect. Does anyone else have this problem or does anyone know what might be the problem?

  189. Wicky (11 Nov 2017, 22:56)

    Thank you so much to be able to try out the game, it gives me the possibility to see if my lappy can handle it!

    But there is something strange, Few days ago I download the game to try it out, and put it in C://Games>The Sims 4> but, after downloading this it says isn’t possible I need to update origin, I followed the steps off “Zhoku” but it didn’t work, after I changed the name in my C: driver “Games to Game” it worked!!!

    But now the problem is it doens’t read me old savings in documents off “Electronic Arts” So I thought let’s delete the file, so after loading the game it will remake one. Sadly not in my documents :-/ I created a sim quickly to check and saved the game with special name and try to “search it” but non found x_x so… what now?

    If anyone can help me would be thankfull 🙂

    But thanks again for uploading this game so I can try it out and learn abit about this game! I’ll start saving some money to buy this game fully!

  190. Pink (11 Nov 2017, 23:12)

    Marina, that dosent work for me ..

  191. Shishi (12 Nov 2017, 0:10)

    Hi guys. having trouble with the installation.
    I did everything exactly as written- copy the files to each folder, but when I open the game an error pops up- “the game failed to load- Error 3”.
    Can anyone please help?
    Thank Skidrow!

  192. meumh (12 Nov 2017, 0:34)

    thanks so much!!!<3

  193. Dani (12 Nov 2017, 1:07)

    i was playing with previous v1.33 and it was completely fine, but when i update to this newer version v1.36 the problem start there.
    Followed the instructions where to install the file (C drive and etc)
    When the game is open, click the LOAD GAME, click the SAVED GAMES then the game has been loaded, in the LOT world after clicking the house and click PLAY, the error starts there. IT GOT STUCK ON LOADING SCREEN~.
    then i tried to play a new one and it wont work either, it was completely white screen, can anybody pls help me with this?

  194. karl (12 Nov 2017, 4:10)

    where is korean language?

  195. LAI (12 Nov 2017, 4:39)

    HELLO! I had same problems as all of you about the text, so I did what she said @marina.deak … following all the instructions, it works ok, but I still have some problems with the tex (in the phone, or with the dog creator) HELP!!

  196. Thank you 4 your work (12 Nov 2017, 5:02)

    Since this file is over 7gb and it takes about 3 days to download it (with a high possibility of being a broken single file) where can I download several links? I clicked on multi-link and it wants me to download the single 7gb single file there too.

    Also, for Christmas I would like to purchase all the Sims 4 games but I do not want to lose all my current progress and not have to use a disk in the computer drive all the time. Is it possible to do that?

  197. Thank you 4 your work (12 Nov 2017, 5:15)

    I’d also like to add that I cannot download via torrent due to the past. Every time I downloaded The Sims (going back to the original) I have got nothing but violations from my internet company so please if there’s multi-links, please share because we all don’t pay for those websites that bog our computers with porn.

  198. meumh (12 Nov 2017, 5:47)

    Unable to play it, video card can’t run it… have a Radeon HD7800 and it is listed as good by EA game.. and have latest driver from AMD website.. tried all i found on the net.. but still does not work for me…last step was that i should try to go offline in Origin itself… please… help, game used to work perfectly with everything except the fitness that did never worked for me or was not in the game i downloaded from you !!!

  199. Rmnilga (12 Nov 2017, 6:58)

    Me funciona de maravilla después de instalar el pack de lenguaje!:D

  200. Alsona (12 Nov 2017, 8:15)

    Hi, everybody has a problem with language and blank spaces… but in my case, the game DOESNT WORK…. “game failed to load. Error code: 3 ” .. previous, I had all dlc by skidrow, last I think is city living with vampires.. dont know what to do.. I found something with ” .bat file” , but in this update is nothing like that.

    Any sugestion?

  201. VixenQueen (12 Nov 2017, 8:39)

    Thank you guys, you are the best!

    although every time I zoom in my pet in create-a-pet, it disappears for some reason, is there a way to fix it?

  202. marcko (12 Nov 2017, 8:53)

    wow thank so much !!!!!!!

  203. xsmoothox (12 Nov 2017, 9:57)

    Copy your every CC and save to safe place.
    Please remove your folder “The Sims 4” from Documents -> Electronic Arts and then launch game.
    Then you can again close your game, and back CC and Save.

  204. Icisex (12 Nov 2017, 11:06)

    Torrent pls btw nice job

  205. xsmoothox (12 Nov 2017, 11:40)

    Problem is with Custom Content, which doesn’t allow play game.
    I removed all stuff from “mods” and works well.
    I install many new CC and still works.
    Is one thing in your “mods” folder which is crash while play game.

  206. Heckidy (12 Nov 2017, 12:54)

    How do i install this with fitgirl pack :c also how od i change language?

  207. hika (12 Nov 2017, 14:25)

    hello everyone is what we can put patch with the orginal version of the game that I buy on origin because I try my concern know that the game blocks after he show me all the other dlc

  208. Cindy (12 Nov 2017, 15:41)

    Hello, my download is being so slow, only 17.9% and I’ve been downloading since yesterday 🙁 how can i make it quicker?

  209. Ella (12 Nov 2017, 17:08)

    Hello, I have problems with torrent downloading. It takes so long time. Just 1 kb/s but my internet is working normal and all other torrents go fast. Is it just my problem or had it someone too?

  210. jim (12 Nov 2017, 17:32)

    guys help. i’ve installed it, i open the game and i can see the symbol on the left that i hace the expansion but when i try to make a pet it doesn’t show me any of them

  211. eva (12 Nov 2017, 17:49)

    I adopt a cat and woman bring the cat in the box. Than i click on the cat and from the options i click adopt. Then the woman leave but the box stay and i cant delete it or move….any ideas?
    i try with the cheats but nothing is working

  212. Satria (12 Nov 2017, 18:13)

    How to install ??, i can’t found any installer in the 7,3 GB folder

  213. Charlotte (12 Nov 2017, 19:07)

    Je ne parviens pas à installer cette nouvelle mise à jour, je possède tous les autres packs mais lorsque je télécharge le fichier, il n’y a pas de patch. Je ne comprend pas comment faire, quelqu’un saurait m’aider ? A quoi sert le patch multilanguage téléchargeable plus haut ?
    Merci d’avance !!

  214. Valerie (12 Nov 2017, 20:35)

    Am I the only one who’s getting the error 102?

  215. Satria (12 Nov 2017, 21:33)

    someone help me please,,, i can’t enable custom content,,, it shows that the game must be restast first,,, but i’ve been restarted it many times and still got nothing,,, help me please !

  216. negocio impro (12 Nov 2017, 22:51)

    pòdrian colocar el link del pack multilenjuage porfavor

  217. Maribel (13 Nov 2017, 0:24)

    this doesn’t work with previous games4theworld cracks? ((the last version v1-30-105-1010))

  218. dexter (13 Nov 2017, 3:50)

    i actually downloaded it since skidrow released it,after vampire 4 months release skidrow got pretty quick on cracking games, thankyou so much skidrow you’re the best as always

  219. Zac (13 Nov 2017, 6:52)

    Guys im getting white screen whenever im travelling to new map .Please help me.

  220. zzzz (13 Nov 2017, 9:03)

    google drive please

  221. alex (13 Nov 2017, 10:26)

    many problems here can be resolved if people would disable any antivirus, firewall protection when you have cracked games like this…( before installation ) or give a special rule to the cracked games not to be delated or prevented to run. then VC++ problem. download from microsoft both 32, and 64 bit redist packages and install both….diffrent games support diffrent one. you should have 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015. or you can find all in one packages so you dont have to hunt one by one. and of course dont mix diffrent cracked games…if cracker said you need SKIDROW relesse for this update then you better have SKIDROW main game. youst learn to read the NFO peolple.

  222. sepken (13 Nov 2017, 11:27)

    İt gives 32 bit eror how can I solve it my computer wants 64 bit!

  223. marina.deak (13 Nov 2017, 15:11)

    Guys, remember to run the game through the .exe file that is compatible with your system (i.e. windows x32 (x86) run TS4.exe, windows x64 run TS4_x64.exe, find these in your Game/Bin folder). Also, try running from inside the Game/Bin folder, not from your desktop area. You can also check if CC is conflicting with the game, by saving the Mods folder to a secure area, deleting from your The Sims 4 folder (located in “Documents” folder or something like that, depends on how it was named) and then starting the game and checking if it works. Custom house stuff and custom buildings could be conflicting too, so it should be good to delete what’s inside Tray folder too. Also, try disabling the CC in game options and restart the game. Last of all, remember to check if you have the “VC credist” versions needed installed, direct x and net framework. Sometimes, when you have problems intializing the game, that is the problem. I hope the language pack tutorial is helping btw, wish I could make a video, but I cant (my laptop is shit) 🙁

  224. christel (13 Nov 2017, 16:29)

    salut tout le monde. tout est bien installer et je n’ai plus de bulles d’interaction vides..mais mes sims ne mange plus, impossible d’executer l’action…si quelqu’un peut m’aider?

  225. Nits34 (13 Nov 2017, 17:04)

    Very fast 😉 Thx for this really like u. But same with the patch, there is nothing text for Pet extension.
    Please make an branch update

  226. Alex (13 Nov 2017, 19:08)

    I get the “Cant start” error. This is the code 135dec40:3fbbecd0:00000064:00000000

  227. Dr.Mad (13 Nov 2017, 19:19)

    It works for me but wickedwhims is not working

  228. Nancy (14 Nov 2017, 9:16)

    For the text bug people are saying like u have to install the language pack in order to move on to the next steps. I just can’t find the language pack?

  229. lafouegre (14 Nov 2017, 10:17)

    Hi Everyone ! Help me to understand please, I can’t play the DLC’s without being online.. But is it possible to do so with a crack version ? I failed lol

  230. Johnny (14 Nov 2017, 13:53)

    To the pepple with infinity load problme:

    just recrack your game and delete your the sims folder in your documents, back up your mods first. This wirks for me. The game is running fine now.

  231. Jalief (14 Nov 2017, 15:18)

    hi ! i’m french and my game is in in french, when i extract the last update and the crack, my game is in English so I dl the multilanguage and I extract the folder of the installation to the game folder and my game is again in English can you answer me thx see ya !

  232. Jalief (14 Nov 2017, 15:52)

    and my language_selector don’t take the FR

  233. lafouegre (15 Nov 2017, 3:02)

    Does anyone use an Origin account to play online and get access to the DLC’s ?

  234. snitzer (15 Nov 2017, 6:31)

    fker because of these update i have messed up my entire game…i have strictly followed all the guide but its keep getting my game worse and worsen…..issues on `game failed to load` issue with `world all got no text`s` and issue on me trying to make new character,but my new character is failed to place it into the world without `mods` still the same result…this update really fk up my entire game files….. next time dont post something like HALF OF THE UPDATE instead of full update because thanks to this u have fuckup my entire game….

  235. lafouegre (15 Nov 2017, 20:28)

    for me it works for the sims 4 but when I click on the DLC’s it ask a connexion, but it fail to connect. So thanks but this is just the first version of sims 4 without any DLC’s available

  236. Minnie (16 Nov 2017, 17:04)

    I click to adopt a dog or cat, on the mobile phone and computer, and the assistant comes but never appears the animal what do I do?

  237. Fie (17 Nov 2017, 0:56)

    out of curiosity, i know that cracked games aren’t possible to have online access. but is there any way i can download a house build from a gallery without origin id and just download them straight to the tray folder?

    oh yeah. i just found out that some of my CC like beds and sofas didn’t shows up when i place them on the lot. to fix this, either download them back again or download sims4studio (app for making CC) and find batchfixes in the tools menu, there are all sorts of fixes there.

  238. gaga (17 Nov 2017, 8:47)

    google drive please

  239. 234ss (17 Nov 2017, 16:58)


    “WARNING!! This patch will only work with the update DO NOT install this patch in a game with a different version (lower or higher) number.”


  240. Abcd (17 Nov 2017, 17:31)

    @Fie yeah you actually can install cc from the game, scroll up to find out more.. I actually have not even downloaded it so can you just tell me if the game is running smoothly, with all dlcs for you? Thanks :p CC can be downloaded, so if it isnt there are some comments about it up there, im not so sure for the gallery/house downloading but there probably is a way for it

  241. blkpx (18 Nov 2017, 17:34)

    @234ss Don’t worry, I think the creator of the language pack just forgot to change the number of the version in this text, because the game actually works with this language pack installed 😉 (even if you install it after the crack)

    Thanks a lot for the update, and thank you Marina Deak for the tutorial.

  242. kavda (18 Nov 2017, 20:49)

    Hi! Ever since I installed the expansion, my game crashes after trying to create a new family or loading a game. The program just ceases to function. 🙁 I tried removing the mods and everything, but no changes. I know my computer can run the game smoothly. It didn’t do that before! Help please!

  243. laura (18 Nov 2017, 21:45)

    hola e instalado el juego pero cuando le doy a la mascota no se ve nada…me podeis decir que tengo que hacer por favor????

  244. sv (23 Nov 2017, 9:00)

    hi can someone help me, after the update my game freeze after the first loading. and i dont have any cc.
    thanks before

  245. CriSGF (23 Nov 2017, 15:43)

    @kavda I had the same problem! To solve it, you need to uninstal your current Sims 4 game, and just install the game in, it has the base game AND the expansions, so if you install it on top of another base game, it just won’t work (if you don’t want to lose your old sims, just go to Documents/The Sims 4 and copy the folder into another location, when you reinstall the Sims 4 game, just cpy it back to where it was before).

  246. nblptr (12 Dec 2017, 18:25)

    @MARINA It works thanks for your help!!!

  247. helpplease (16 Dec 2017, 11:55)

    I installed it normally like I usually do, but when I open up the game to play it opens up origin! I never ran into this problem before with skidrow’s sims 4 downloads. I put the game files in the windows defender exclusions and it still doesn’t work. does anyone have a solution? I just don’t know what to do.

  248. Mar (09 Jan 2018, 3:01)

    i cant find the setup file! does anybody know what’s wrong?

  249. Wtf (03 Mar 2018, 18:25)

    Why do you only upload on shitty hosters? What about MEGA or Share Online???

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